“T. K. Thorne has become an important Alabama writer in several genres.”
—Don Noble (APTV)

Behind the Magic Curtain:

Secrets, Spies and Unsung White Allies of Birmingham’s Civil Rights Days

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Birmingham, Alabama gave birth to momentous events that spawned the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and affected world history. But that is not why it is known as The Magic City. It earned that nickname with its meteoric rise from a cornfield valley to an industrial boom town in the late 1800s. Images of snarling dogs and fire hoses of the 1960s define popular perception of the city, obscuring the complexity of race relations in a tumultuous time and the contributions of white citizens who quietly or boldly influenced social change.

Behind the Magic Curtain: Secrets, Spies, and Unsung White Allies of Birmingham’s Civil Rights Days peels back history’s veil to reveal untold/forgotten stories with an intriguing cast of characters that include not only progressive members of the Jewish, Christian, and educational communities, but also a racist businessman and Ku Klux Klan member, who, in an ironic twist, helped bring about justice and forward racial equality and civil rights. Woven throughout the book are the firsthand recollections of a reporter with the state’s major newspaper of the time. Embedded with law enforcement, he reveals the fascinating details of their secret wiretapping and intelligence operations. With a deft hand, Thorne offers the insight that can be gained from understanding little-known but important perspectives, painting a multihued portrait of a city that has figured so prominently in history, but which so few really know.

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The Magic City Stories:

House of Rose, House of Stone, and

House of Iron

In case you didn’t know, witches and warlocks abide in Birmingham, Alabama in three ancient Houses—Rose, Stone, and Iron. They arrived over a century ago to draw their powers from the abundant ores beneath Red Mountain. Rose Brighton, a Birmingham police detective, is the last witch of House of Rose and possibly the most dangerous thing since the hydrogen bomb. . . .

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Angels at the Gate

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ANGELS AT THE GATE is the award-winning story of Adira, destined to become Lot’s wife, the woman who “turned into a pillar of salt.”  A daughter of Abram’s tribe, Adira is an impetuous young girl whose mother died in childbirth.  Secretly raised as a boy in her father’s caravan and schooled in languages and the art of negotiation, Adira rejects the looming changes of womanhood that threaten her nomadic life and independence.

But Adira’s world unravels with the arrival of two mysterious strangers—Northmen from an ancient tribe known as the Watchers, men rumored to be holy messengers from El. Raiders invade the caravan, and she loses everything she values most—her father, her freedom, and even the “angels.”

Caught between her oath to her father to return to her tribe and the “proper life for a woman” and tormented by an impossible love, she abandons all she has known in a dangerous quest to seek revenge and find her kidnapped “Angel.”  With only her beloved dog, Nami, at her side, Adira must use the skills she learned in the caravan to survive the perils of the desert, Sodom, and her own heart.

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Noah’s Wife

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Gifted with a unique mind and savant abilities, beautiful Na’amah desires only a simple life herding sheep in ancient Turkey. Her brother’s inexplicable hatred, the persistent love of two men, and her abduction by foreign invaders shatters that dream. With courage and intuition, she navigates a treacherous path that becomes a quest to rescue her people from impending catastrophe.

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Last Chance for Justice

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New York Post’s “Book You Should Be Reading”

Birmingham, Alabama, September 15, 1963—A bomb set outside an African American church explodes on a Sunday morning, killing four young girls … and changing the world. Thirty-seven years later, the FBI reopens the case, though the only person convicted won’t talk; key witnesses have died; and there is little hope of finding evidence on the last two suspects.

Last Chance for Justice is the story of that investigation, told from the perspective of police detective Ben Herren and FBI Special Agent Bill Fleming, whose initially chilly relationship evolves into a close partnership. For over a year they analyze in secret the thousands of documents in FBI files on the bombing and the Ku Klux Klan before conducting their first interview. That interview—with Klansman Bobby Frank Cherry—breaks open the case … but not in the way they expected. With tenacity, humor, luck, and dedication, they encounter the worst and best in human nature on their journey to find justice.

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Motes (short for Mozart) is a nerdy teen genius with a gift for hacking computer programs and a driving curiosity that often entangles her in trouble.

When school authorities find a fellow student dead in her dorm room, she’s expelled, winding up on a distant planet with a mystery that challenges her talents and courage . . . and a very strange BFF.

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An old woman and a young girl challenge a drug lord in a small African American neighborhood. (Short film)SaveSave