Behind the Magic Curtain: Secrets, Spies, and Unsung White Allies of Birmingham’s Civil Rights Days, NewSouth Books, 2021

House of Rose, mystery/thriller/urban fantasy, Camel Press, 2018
House of Stone, mystery/thriller/urban fantasy, Camel Press, 2021
House of Iron, mystery/thriller/urban fantasy, Camel Press, 2022

Angels at the Gate, historical novel, Cappuccino Books, 2015.

“Jim,”  Thirty Three [An]iversary Anthology, Negative Capability Press, 2014
Belles2: Contemporary Stories by Alabama Women Livingston Press, 2016.

Noah’s Wife, Chalet Publishers, Inc., 2009, 2010. Blackburn Fork Publishing 2011.

“The Other Gold,” Birmingham Arts Journal, 2013

“The Ur Cat,” It Was A Dark And Stormy Night, Coyote Moon Books, 2012.

Six Blocks Wide, ShapeFilms, 2008.

“Chrysalis,” Aeoph’s Kiss, 2007.

“Trouble,” Birmingham Arts Journal, 2005 and Avenues, Spring/Summer 2005.


“Mother’s Music,” Birmingham Public Library Haiku Contest Collection, 2015

“A Dead Mockingbird,” Birmingham Arts Journal, 2010.

 “Four Little Girls,” Magic City, 2008.

 “Alabama Dreams in Black & White,” Whatever Remembers Us, An Anthology of Alabama Poems, Negative Capability Press, 2007.

“A Garden,” Birmingham Arts Journal, 2006.


“A Magic Southern City” Mystery Readers Journal: Mystery in the American South II, Vol. 35, No. 1, Spring-2019

“Mother’s Music,” These Summer Months: Stories From The Late Orphan Project, The Backpack Press, 2017.

“Fresh Cornbread,” Birmingham Arts Journal, Flashquake, 2009, and short story, Portland Book Review, 2013.

“A Light In The Darkness,” B-Metro Magazine, December, 2015

“How Mowgli Made A Marine,” Birmingham Art Journal, October, 2015

Last Chance for Justice: How Relentless Investigators Uncovered New Evidence Convicting the Birmingham Church Bombers, Chicago Review Press, 2013

“Bitter Pill: Prescription Drugs and the Slippery Slope of Addiction,” B-Metro Magazine, October, 2015

“Naked Gun Trades Suspicion for a Smile,” Birmingham News, September 18, 2003.

“Ray Yokel’s Emergence from darkness, A Triumph,” Birmingham News, November 20, 2003.

“Art and the City,” Birmingham Arts Journal, 2003.

“Justice Served Once Again: U.S. versus Frank Brackin, et. Al, (T.L. Katz) The Alabama State Policeman, Winter, 1976.

Column Articles in Synergy Magazine:

 “New Perspectives: My Cappadocian Adventure,” Synergy Magazine, December 2010.

“A Strange Intimacy,” Synergy Magazine, October, 2010.

“A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out,” Synergy Magazine, August 2010.

“Holes in the Ground,” Synergy Magazine, July 2010.

“Crime Rate Declines,” Synergy Magazine, April 2010.

“Helping Out Haiti,” Synergy Magazine, Feb 2010.

 “Serving with Honor,” Synergy Magazine, Oct-Nov 2009.

 “A CAP Fan on Face Book,” Synergy Magazine, Aug-Sept 2009.

“The CAP and the Whale,” Synergy Magazine, July, 2009.

“CAP Presence Adds Up,” Synergy Magazine, June, 2009.

“There’s Gold in Them There Hills,” Synergy Magazine, May 2009.

 “What Does CAP Mean to You?” Synergy Magazine, April 2009.

“Home is Where the Habits Are,” Synergy Magazine,” August, 2008.

“It’s Your Call,” Synergy Magazine, July 2008.

“Law and Order [Homeless Connect],” Synergy Magazine, April 2008

 “You Never Know,” Synergy Magazine, Feb 2008.

“Cap Goes to the Movies,” Synergy Magazine, December, 2007.

“Halloween – Not Just for Kids,” Synergy Magazine, Oct 2007.

“We Must Look Deeper,” Synergy Magazine, Aug 2007.

“Miracle Baby,” Synergy Magazine, July 2007.

“How Low Can You Go?” Synergy Magazine, June 2007.

“CAP Goes Fishin,” Synergy Magazine, May 2007.

“Are We Done Yet?” Synergy Magazine, April 2007.

 “Are You Hot?” Synergy Magazine, March 2006

“Cap Goes to the Bahamas,” Synergy Magazine, Jan 2006.

“CAPs Without Borders,” Synergy Magazine, December, 2006.

“Time to Do the Numbers!” Synergy Magazine, Oct 2006.

 “Working in the Loft District,” Synergy Magazine, Sept 2006.

“The End?” Synergy Magazine, Aug 2006.

“The Beast,” Synergy Magazine, June 2006.

“Cap Corner [A Worker’s Secret],” Synergy Magazine, May 2006.

“Sex…Murder…Death,” Synergy Magazine, April 2006.

“Street Level,” Synergy Magazine, February, 2006.

“Tough Love,” Synergy Magazine, December, 2005.

“Accentuate the Positive,” Synergy Magazine, Sept 2005.

“Shhhh!” Synergy Magazine, Aug 2005.

 “CAP is Ten!” Synergy Magazine, July 2005.

“By the Numbers,” Synergy Magazine, May 2005.

“No If’s And’s or Butt’s,” Synergy Magazine, April, 2005.

 “A Driven Man,” Synergy Magazine, March, 2005.

 “Say Hello To ‘Swede,’” Synergy Magazine, February, 2005.

 “News from the Street,” Synergy Magazine, December, 2004.

 “Chris Blake, In Memoriam,” Synergy Magazine, August, 2004.

 “Meet Chris Blake,” Synergy Magazine, April, 2004.

 “Patrolling Partners,” Synergy Magazine, March, 2004.

“Every Little Bit Helps,” Synergy Magazine, February, 2004.

 “A Day in the Life of A CAP,” Synergy Magazine, Sept, 2003.

“Feline Follies,” Synergy Magazine, July, 2003.

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