Reviews of Other Works

“It was good to…hear you read your fine story, “Jim,” and to learn that the [Chattahoochee Valley Writer’s] Conference awarded you first prize for this effort in the category of “Short Story – Adults.” The piece certainly deserved its notice…”
–Michael Bishop, award-winning author

“Thorne’s screenplay, Six Block’s Wide, based on her experiences as a Birmingham patrol officer, intertwines beauty and heartbreak in a torn community.  The work is a compelling look at violence, both locally and in our society as a whole.
–Marina Bolshinskya, ShapeFilms

“[Six Blocks Wide]…a fine piece of work.”
–John Archibald, Birmingham News

‘Chrysalis’ [by T.K. Thorne] is one of the best stories we have ever accepted…”                  –Tyree Campell, Editor

I really enjoyed Snow Dancers of Veld.  I just kept finding myself wondering what a catscan of your brain looks like.  I’ll bet like ‘imagination on mega-steroids’…”
 –Jimsey Bailey, Editor/Publisher

[The screenplay] “Freedom Manor” is wonderful.  I loved it.  I knew all of the people. What interesting and loveable characters.”
  –Jimsey Bailey, Editor/Publisher

“Snow Dancers of Veld is a fantastic story…I love the main character…It is an extraordinary work.”
  –Timothy Pecoraro, Raven ePublishing

“A solid, well-written entry [Snow Dancers of Veld].  Most of us would definitely have been intrigued and interested enough to read on…”
 –Editorial Board, Del Rey


“I really enjoyed White Feather!  You had me from the very first sentence, which I loved.  It reminded me of Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet… boy dealing with parents’ divorce combined with outdoor adventure.  The Native American element makes it especially marketable… and what kid wouldn’t love the idea of a cave that is sort of a time machine?”
  –Irene Latham, award winning poet and novelist,

From Zach, Amber, Alan, Brandon, Zeke, Justin and Craig,  4th graders Oneonta, AL Middle School

“…I loved your book [White Feather].  When it comes out, I’ll be the first one to buy it.

“…When you get it published and it’s in our classroom, I am going to read it over and over again.

“…It was the best story about Indians…Please write more Indian books.”

“…If you rote any more books like that, you might be famous.”

“…I thought your book was great.”

“…The book was magnificant.”

“…It was fairly strange.  But this is a book I will never forget.”

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