Reviews-Noah’s Wife


“…a fascinating read.”
—Midwest Review

“Thorne is a terrific storyteller, with the ability to transport readers from one time and place to another.”
—Sena Jeter Naslund, International best-selling author of Ahab’s Wife

“What a journey! It could be an action thriller, but it is so beautifully written, tender and historically enlightening that it is simply an extraordinary work.”
—Dianne Mooney, founder, Southern Living At HOME

“Just finished reading “Noah’s Wife” and am uncharacteristically speechless. . . .  I am blown away.”
—Dale Short, author & journalist

“A novel of epic sweep, emotional power, and considerable beauty.”
—Ron Gholson, The Blount Countian

“Noah’s Wife is magical, dramatic, painful, and adventurous. It’s as disturbing as it is intriguing. You will be so glad you picked up Thorne’s novel, and you will be craving more books like this one.”Family Footnote

“New depth to an old story in a beautiful novel of truth, love, and survival.”
—Irene Latham, author & winner of Ala. State Poet Society’s Book of the Year

“Beautifully written . . . a rich, multidimensional and richly imagined account of the Biblical flood from a feminine point of view. A novel of great enchantment, suspense and power . . . looks like a bestseller to me.”
—Malcom R. Campbell,  journalist, columnist, public radio commentator, novelist

“You want to savor Na’amaah’s words and sensations for they are incredibly unique in literature. The sentences themselves are like a work of art. …From my familiarity with Asperger’s, Na’amaah feels realistic and I also think her character will be a good role model for women who have this form of autism.”
—Svetlana’s Reads and Views

“Not since Mists of Avalonor Ahab’s Wife have I enjoyed such a finely crafted woman’s point of view on an oft-told tale.”
—Perle Champion for Alabama Writer’s Forum

Noah’s Wife is one of the best novels I have ever read–and I average about a book a week.”
—Barry Marks, winner, Alabama Poetry Book of the Year

“T.K. Thorne is a magical writer. She turns Biblical lore upside down and makes us believe every word of this novel is true. Her writing is flat-out brilliant and spellbinding.”
—Elsa Rutherford, columnist, novelist, Editor, Nifty Pickle

“A great story! If you liked The Clan of the Cave Bear or The Red Tent, you will love this. I’ve been totally swept up in it.”
—Jimsey Bailey, editor/publisher,

“Awed at Thorne’s ability to work magic with words. Her mastery kept me awake many nights.”
—Sherry Kughn, Anniston Star

“Na’amaah’s life story becomes a guide on how to live.”
—L.Z. Golden, Books That Follow Me Home

“Thorne writes with what she has: heart; good sense for story; and an understanding of what makes us humans tick. Noah’s Wife looks at our origins in a brand new way. It is more Clan of the Cave Bear than theological treatise, really. And that’s a whole lot more fun.”
—John Archibald, Birmingham News

“Well-researched, well-written, engaging book that is absolutely one of the best reads I have had in a long time.”
—Gail Sheldon, Director Oneonta Public Library

“So compelling and readable. Brava! Excellent! I am basking in the glow of a fascinating, complex read.
—Jane Archer, Professor of English, Birmingham Southern College

“Thorne has masterfully created a unique variation on the Biblical world and its culture.  It is a MUST READ!  [Thorne] is exceptionally gifted in her sensitivity to life love and loss.”
—L. Nolan-Ruiz, Editor, InternationalBookCafé.com

“A novel of epic sweep, emotional power, and considerable beauty.”
—Ron Golson, The Blount Countian

“It’s wonderful. This book would feel at home on a national bestseller list.”
—Robin DeMonia, reporter for Bimingham News

“Similar to Clan of the Cave Bear, the author has an uncanny ability to draw you inside the characters’ souls. Adding such wonderful descriptive narrative of the environment just makes for excellent reading.”
—Tina Savas, author & founder, Birmingham Business Journal

“I LOVE it!  I am a teacher who deals with students with various disabilities, emotional and physical, and I have a step son with Asperger’s, so it is really wonderful to see a historical character portrayed like this, making her completely real for the audience.”
—Lysa Solomon

“I took up this book [Noah’s Wife] and was transported to a time and to events that left me absolutely captivated.  As I read, I was reminded of “Clan of the Cave Bear,” another series of novels that took me to time beyond ancient, written in a similar style and just as captivating.  The seamless manner in which the author wove myth, history, and archaeological findings to create this fascinating story . . . the questioning regarding god/s, or goddess/es, the philosophical depths to which I was transported, especially at the very end which she questioned death and god’s role in it, touched me deeply, as they are questions mankind has been searching for answers practically from the time man has been able to philosophize or ponder such questions.  Thank you for this gift of thoughtful reading.  I couldn’t put it down.”
–Rosalie Gottfried, Madrikha, O.C. Cong. of Sec. Hum. Jews

“I just finished Noah’s Wife last night. I read it in great gulps over the last week and found myself thinking about it during the day and going to bed early just to get it in my hands all the sooner. I was unable to put it down until I had finished it past midnight. The setting, the characters, and their improbable journey will keep you glued to this page-turner. It is one of the best books I’ve read in a long while!”
—Rowena McNab (Amazon Review)

“. . .this majestic adventure is a very clever idea turned into a masterful story by a great writer. A fantastic book; I highly recommend it.”
—Warren S. Grayson (Amazon Review)

“. . .a tightly focused tale, and a singularly unforgettable character.”
—Celia Haynes (Amazon Review)

“It is always a good sign of a great book when you don’t want it to end. Enough cannot be said about the power of the story of Noah’s Wife.”
—BD (Amazon Review)

“A captivating page-turner. T.K. Thorne has made Anatolia in 5500 BCE come alive for me. I am glad to hear she has another book coming out – can’t wait!”
—Tara Echlin (Amazon Review)

“Historical fiction at its best.”
—Mary J. Nickum (Amazon Review)”

“I was so enraptured by this book and I could not put it down and when I finally reached the end I was disappointed that it did not go on.”
—Susan Knutie

“I’m reading it at red lights! … a wonderful book.”
—Joanne S Learner

“I CANNOT put the book down.  I have voluntarily gone to bed ON TIME, even beating my husband to the bed, the last three nights just to read before going to sleep.  My husband is wondering what happened to me.”
—Brandy Dinsmore

“A must-read novel for all who treasure fiction which gives voice to history.”
–Arthur C. Segal, retired Chairman Mathematics Department, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“I finished your book and absolutely loved it. My review in one concise sentence; A refreshing twist on a story as old as the hills it is set upon.”
—Alexis Donahue

“I read the book in one day…could not go to sleep until I finished it! I LOVED IT and cannot wait for the next book! You are brilliant; the book is fascinating.”
—Vivian “Penny” Southward

“…I’m reading her point of view and her voice is so familiar to me that it could be spoken in my own words and mind. I’ve decided that, whether or not I share some similar traits or whether or not my 5 year old son does too, I see more than ever that this is a true gift, not a ‘syndrome.’”

“I sooo did not want Noah’s Wife to end that I was rationing out the pages and only letting myself read some and then go to another book or do something else for a while. I didn’t see the end with Tubal coming at all. Still…. Bannu!”
—Kathy B Ray

“I downloaded Noah’s Wife on my Kindle today . . . . I planned to start it, but I read straight through to the finish. It was fantastic. I loved your wry observations about “making up answers” in place of the truth. I found the entire story satisfying on many levels. Kudos.”
–Tina Deschamps

“I was so excited & wrapped up in your story, I wouldn’t let myself finish too fast!  As a matter of fact, when it was over, I started at the very beginning to be sure I remembered that as well as the rest of the book – to savor it longer!”
—Vivian Bonnin

“A great read!”
—Helen Rivas

“Historical fiction at its best.”
—Mary J. Nickum (Amazon Review)

“…a book I enjoyed immensely.”
—Geoff Langdon

“Loving this enchanting, well researched book!”
—Margaret Peterson Arndt

“First, I want to tell you how much I am loving Noah’s Wife. You are truly an amazing writer. I am on the last two chapters and I don’t want the book to end…I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.”
—Lynn Smith

“Wonderful vantage point! And I loved the fact that she was ‘unique’ in so many ways.”
—Mickey Katz-Pek

“I loved the book and hope my club will read it.”
—Sarah Snowden

“Another friend of mine just finished the book I let her borrow; she loved it. Hope I can still be here and read when the story of Lot’s wife is published!”
—Katheryn Kattman

“…could NOT put it down, had to find out when they got on the ark…what an inspiring woman! Thanks for your great mastery of language that captures all the senses.”
—Virginia Sweet

“…my sister, Kathryn, to whom I gave your book at Christmas. She said she couldn’t put it down.”
—Gwen Knowlton

“I have just finished NW and I couldn’t stop reading. It was so different from what I had read before.”
—Laura Hunter

“I very much enjoyed it…it was so REAL and deep and brilliant AND it had a happy ending!”
—Lee Williams

“I have just finished your novel. Once I started it I put it down only when I had no other choice. I enjoyed it as much as any novel I have ever read.”
—Jim Rotch

“Such a rich, engaging story, so beautifully told!” 
–Ginny Loggins, actress


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