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Women: Not So Mere

Who knew? The women’s movement to win the vote in the United States (which didn’t happen until 1920) began with book clubs! In my life, “feminism” has been a word often expressed with a sneer, the struggle for equality  seen … Continue reading

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Murder, Mayhem . . . and a little Magic

When Officer Rose Brighton chased a suspect down an alley in Birmingham, Alabama, she had no idea the next few minutes would land her in the middle of every cop’s nightmare—looking down at the body of someone she shot . … Continue reading

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Chicago Angels

My adventure in the Windy City began with hot pink toenails. (Stay with me.) Sister Laura, who has worked so hard with little credit—editing, designing the awesome cover, marketing, and supporting me every step—really wanted us to go to Chicago … Continue reading

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The Secret Behind the Art of Painting the Past

Painters employ color, light, and shadow. Writers use small, standardized black marks set against a white background. Yet these marks can inspire, condemn, evoke tears, laughter, anger, or regret. They can sweep a reader into a different reality, even bring … Continue reading

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Writing the Funny

Laughter catches us up in a moment of pure being, a moment where we are alive and in the present. We just get a glimpse, but it is no wonder that the Dalia Lama laughs with such ease. Laughter is holy. Continue reading

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The Stay Alive Rule

We are hard-wired to want it simple.  Long ago (400 million years) there was only one basic premise under which we operated –Stay Alive!  The conscious part of our brains was evolutionarily geared for simplicity, so we could decide things … Continue reading

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How To Worry The Right Way

There’s a lot to worry about. We are worried our investment dollars may not poof back into existence when they poof out. We worry about inflation and that gas prices are too high, or about deflation and that they will … Continue reading

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