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Noah’s Wife & the Titanic

When it comes to your floatation devices, you can’t get more famous than the Titanic or Noah’s ark—but the connection doesn’t stop there. Oddly enough, the link was Robert Ballard the explorer who found the long-lost, sunken Titanic. Continue reading

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Ballooning Over Cappadocia

(For Çimen Filliz PAŞA) From the predawn womb, a fire-finger tipped with gold spouts into a wrinkled spread of fabric. Slowly, the balloon-to-be stirs awake, opening her mouth wide to nurse on the warm gusts. In the distance, great ovals–fellow … Continue reading

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The Whirling Dervishes of Cappadocia

Tell me how wonderful I am or I will strike you with lightening, cause your fields to lie fallow and your women to be barren!   Why would an omnipotent God, or even powerful gods, need to be praised? It … Continue reading

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Travels in Turkey- A Strange Intimacy

There must be a strange intimacy in battle. Continue reading

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