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The Wise Win Before the Fight

Violence surrounds us—in the media, in our entertainment and sometimes even in our homes.  From the streets of Chicago, to the wars in Iraq and Syria, to video games—violence is a way of life. Must it be? “Those who are … Continue reading

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A Hand; A Fist

What kind of world allows young American football players to feel comfortable making a video about raping an unconscious girl?  A world where the defense against a brutal, fatal rape of a student in India is that “respectable women are … Continue reading

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The Most Important Question

“Has human behavior evolved?”  The asker leaned toward me, as though I might hold the answer to the most important question in the world.  Not the type of query I normally get at a presentation on my novel, Noah’s Wife, … Continue reading

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The Stay Alive Rule

We are hard-wired to want it simple.  Long ago (400 million years) there was only one basic premise under which we operated –Stay Alive!  The conscious part of our brains was evolutionarily geared for simplicity, so we could decide things … Continue reading

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